What Foods Should You Avoid On Dates?

romantic-dinnerWhen it comes to successful dating, you want to know that you will not do anything embarrassing while you are eating a meal with someone. One aspect of this is knowing which foods you should avoid while on a date.

Although there are some things that are pretty universal, you might also find that you have specific foods that you should avoid. For instance, if you have an aversion to eating the crust on sandwiches, you should probably not order a sandwich where you would pick the outer edges of the sandwich off. You should also avoid any food that can make your breathe smell like onions and garlic.

However, there are plenty of other things that you should keep in mind that apply to most folks who are in the dating world these days. For instance, if the other person is paying for the meal, you should avoid ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Likewise, you should not order the cheapest. Unless, it is what you really want.

If you order the most expensive thing just because the other person is footing the bill, that is just rude. By selecting the cheapest thing, you are implying the person cannot afford the meal and belitting them in a different way. This rule applies without regard to gender. It is about social politeness.

You might also want to avoid meals that create a big mess, unless that is the style of place that you are at. So, order some fried chicken at a down home restaurant but avoid the chicken strips from the kids menu at a steak house! Also consider finding a restaurant that specializes in date nights as has a date night menu like www.iforgotitswednesday.com

You can have a great time while you are on dates if you remember simple rules regarding your manners. Eat and have a great time and never allow the food to be the primary focus of your time out together!

Here are some other “humorous” dating do’s and dont’s: