What Foods Should You Avoid On Dates?

romantic-dinnerWhen it comes to successful dating, you want to know that you will not do anything embarrassing while you are eating a meal with someone. One aspect of this is knowing which foods you should avoid while on a date.

Although there are some things that are pretty universal, you might also find that you have specific foods that you should avoid. For instance, if you have an aversion to eating the crust on sandwiches, you should probably not order a sandwich where you would pick the outer edges of the sandwich off. You should also avoid any food that can make your breathe smell like onions and garlic.

However, there are plenty of other things that you should keep in mind that apply to most folks who are in the dating world these days. For instance, if the other person is paying for the meal, you should avoid ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Likewise, you should not order the cheapest. Unless, it is what you really want.

If you order the most expensive thing just because the other person is footing the bill, that is just rude. By selecting the cheapest thing, you are implying the person cannot afford the meal and belitting them in a different way. This rule applies without regard to gender. It is about social politeness.

You might also want to avoid meals that create a big mess, unless that is the style of place that you are at. So, order some fried chicken at a down home restaurant but avoid the chicken strips from the kids menu at a steak house! Also consider finding a restaurant that specializes in date nights as has a date night menu like www.iforgotitswednesday.com

You can have a great time while you are on dates if you remember simple rules regarding your manners. Eat and have a great time and never allow the food to be the primary focus of your time out together!

Here are some other “humorous” dating do’s and dont’s:

Five Perfect Nail Polish Shades for This Fall Season

9e171a4a185559235ea49d3b9414d203As summer is slowly coming to an end, it is time to switch it up with some new fall nail polish colors. As you ease out of the warm days and into fall, it is time to begin considering the new trends and colors for the upcoming season, oh and do not forget to prepare for crisp temperatures and get out your cozy sweaters.

Once fall is right around the corner it is time to keep in mind one of the best parts of the change of seasons…switching up the nail polishes! What we want are deeply pigmented colors which will really accent this colorful season, it is after all important that your nails look flawless as you keep warm while sipping your pumpkin spiced latte.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Navy Blue

The nail polish du jour at many a fashion show has been an inky royal blue. Of course this is never nearly as edgy as black, however this is a look which is particularly sophisticated in nail shapes which are square-meets-oval.


Regardless of whether you prefer a candy colored version of purple or perhaps a darker deep plum choice, purple nail polish is a must have this fall, it is an elegant change for the season.

Blood Red

Yes, the hottest runway color is one of the hottest trends in nail polishes this fall. Keep in mind this season brings a lot of leather, the dark shade of blood red will compliment that perfectly.

Classic Nude

Sometimes it is a good idea to amidst the crazy colorful art trends, try on a palate cleanser, this is where some classic nudes with a clear topcoat to add some extra shine come into play.

Chocolate Brown

Perhaps brown will become the new black, it pairs perfectly with gold bracelets and rings, the look is perfectly modern chic.

What Is An Oxter?

I got into a fight with my boyfriend and he told me to stop being an Oxter. What does that even mean? I tried Googling it and came up with nothing! Should I be offended?” – Confused Soon To Be Ex-Girlfriend

Good morning Confused –

Your boyfriend (or now ex?) seems to have a fine understanding on early English. An oxter is an outdated expression which means “armpit.” While calling someone an armpit isn’t really insulting nowadays, back in the early 1700s calling someone an Oxter was very offensive. I think the best thing to do would be to sit and talk and figure out the real reason you are fighting.

Am I A Summer or Winter?

Did you know there are three types of lipstick? Matte, Classic and Gloss. Then there are certain shades that go better with your skin tone. We all remember in the 80s when we were assigned seasons and what colors worked well. But times have changes! Michelle Phan has this great tutorial that is worth a look for all the single ladies out there who are looking to attract a man! And all the married ones who want to wow their spouse!