April 13, 2012

An Alaskan's Guide to Toddler Rain Gear

 Rainsuits, Waterpoof Jackets, Coats and Rainpants!

It is Alaska’s odd season called Breakup.  It is the messy time of year when our snow berms melt into amazing rivers down the sides of the road.  Huge puddles form as storm drains clog with ice and snow.  My children will spend hours splashing, fishing, building snow dams and sitting in the lakes.  Members of my playgroup have asked for suggestions into rain gear.  I know there are many other types and brands, but these are the major players I see.

Oaki Wear - $28.99 - red, yellow, pink and blue
I found this wonderful, family company when searching for fishing waders for my toddler (they are amazingly hard to find).  I love their rain suits.  They are waterproof, have taped seams and can be bought large for extended wear.  We love this for fishing all year as they protect the boys from fish slime, mud and worn year round with layers underneath.  
Puddle Jumper / Abeko - Coat $60.00 and Pants $59.00
These sets are used in many of the outdoor preschools in Europe.  They are amazingly durable and fully waterproof.  The pants are “bibs” and have stretchy suspends with elastic to hook under a boot and keep the pants down.  The coat has a detachable hood and pulls in at the waist helping keep water out. 

This is a popular suit around Anchorage as you can purchase it at the Army/Navy store downtown.  It comes in pink and yellow and has two zips up the front making it easy to get little splashers dressed and undressed.  The material is a bit thinner than the Oaki suit and it seems better for younger children.  
Discovery Jacket and Pants from LLBean - Coat $34.95 and Pants $19.95
Their Discovery Jacket and Pants get rave reviews on their website.  The coat and pants are waterpoof and the coat comes in some cute patterns.  They get high marks for durability as well.  I know that my son would wear the shark coat all of the time.  They have a soft liner which would be nice if it was warm!  I buy LLBean gear for myself and love it.
Rainsprout Coat and Pants by REI - Coat $39.50 and Pants $24.50
While REI offers many brands, I find their brand the perfect combination of affordability and technology.  Their Rainspout Jacket and Pants seem the best choice for toddlers.  It has a 2 layer waterproof and breathable coating with a wonderful rating of windproofing to 60 mph.  This is going to be my boy’s next coat and not only because of the fantastic “parrot” green color.  I also like how REI stands behind their products with exchanges.


  1. Hahaha! I didn't even remember that photo of J! Good memory! :)

  2. This is great! Thanks! Any tips when looking for rain boots? I was thinking about just using his Stonz boots.

  3. Thanks for the info, great list!

    Jenicini - I worked at REI for a few years and would say that hands down bogs are the way to go for kids. They come in cute patterns too :)