October 13, 2010

Greenhour Giveaway!!

Do you wonder about how to get your kiddo outside? Need ideas for great activities outside in nature?

This is the book for you!!! Go to the website for more information - greenhour.org



The publisher has graciously offered a copy to our winner.

Find out how below!

Description of the book from the publisher's website:

The National Wildlife Federation, on its website GreenHour.org, recommends that parents give their kids a “Green Hour” every day—a time for unstructured play and interaction with the natural world. Whether in the backyard, the local park, or a green space farther afield, time spent outdoors is essential to the healthy development of young minds, bodies, and spirits.

Todd Christopher, the creator of the GreenHour.org, has filled this book with activities designed to encourage discovery, creative play, and a wonder of nature. Here you'll find a range of projects, fun facts, and science lessons meant to engage and invigorate your child, as well as the practical advice for parents that makes getting outdoors easy and worry-free. With creative, science-based ideas for a variety of natural settings, getting your family's daily dose of nature just got easier.

Click on the address below to order your copy if you can't wait to see if you win a copy!


1. Anyone in the United States can enter!
2. Get one entry by leaving a comment about your favorite outside activity as a child (be sure to include your name).
3. Get one entry by following this blog and leaving a comment that you follow it (be sure to leave your name). If you already follow it, leave a comment stating that you are a follower (be sure to leave your name).
4. You will be expected to write a little review of the book for the site in return for this wonderful free book!!!

Winner will be selected Tuesday, October 19th! Good Luck!


  1. When I was a kid I LOVED climbing trees. My friend and I had the weirdest games where we would climb up to the "crow's nest" (the highest point we were allowed to climb) of the tree in her yard and talk for hours.
    We also had a tree up the hill by her house that was a maple and we would all get in there (she's one of four, plus me and whoever else was around). We would all pretend that we were rats that lived in a tree and play house up there. Pretty much any time we played house we lived in trees.

  2. My sister and I rode horses growing up and when we were not at the barn, we would set up a whole jump course in our front yard made of anything we could find to get height, such as sticks, bricks and rakes. We would grab our wooden stick horses and jump them over the jumps we made. We would make neighing sounds and everything!
    Another childhood favorite is we would ride our bikes all the way around our huge neighborhood and stop at all the driveways pretending we were school bus drivers. We would pick up every pretend kid in the neighborhood on our bikes ;).

  3. I lived in Panama for a while as a kid (military base), and my friends and I would walk about 2 miles to the swimming pool and swim/play for a couple hours after school, or make a day of it on the weekends. The best part of it all was the sneaky routes we created through jungle trails and over creaky wooden bridges that hovered over waters where crocs lived. Basically just manuvering through jungle areas that connected main streets and neighborhoods, but man did we feel like adventurers . . . and we would have gotten in big fat trouble if our parents knew, which made it even more fun, ha.

  4. My favotire activity outside was hiking in the woods behind our house. We would build forts and chase cows! I lived in TExas so it was always nice and warm outside. I was always barefoot everywhere!! Second best is playing slaughterball and dodgeball on our street with the neighborhood kids and dads!!! Cant wait for my kids to be old enough to play!
    And I follow your blog--Jamie